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How Your Company Can Benefit From A Government Relations Specialist

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Any time you turn on the news, there always seems to be a political story or two dominating the airwaves. While it can be entertaining to watch, have you ever stopped to think about how these political decisions are affecting your business? Today, more and more companies are trying to become more politically savvy in order to benefit from or protect their bottom line. To that end, here's why your company might want to look into hiring an industry lobbyist or government relations professional.

Get Actual Access

Sure, you can send out a press release saying your company supports a certain policy or try the traditional approach of phoning your Congressman, but if you actually want to get stuff done, you need someone on the front lines who shares your views. Government lobbyists are pros when it comes to getting access to the politicians who are affecting your business the most. The government specialist you hire might even be able to speak face to face with the politicians on your company's behalf. Having an actual representative in Washington or your state's legislature is much more effective than sending out a press release or tweet.

Find Opportunities to Donate

Do you have specific causes that you want to advocate for? Most politicians are always looking for new donors for their next campaign, and corporate donations are often highly sought after because they can be a big boost to a campaign's bottom line. There's no guarantee that a politician will vote the way you want just because you donated, but you'll at least be on their mind the next time they have to cast a critical vote. Ideally, you'll find candidates that you already agree with and donate money to them so that a kindred spirit can try and remain in office.

Build Brand Recognition

Even if you don't have a pet political issue you want to focus on right now, it could benefit you to hire a government relations specialist sooner rather than later. Your lobbyist will speak to politicians on your behalf even when things are going great and there is nothing to be concerned about. This will improve your brand recognition and clout on the Hill or within the statehouse. This might make your opinion a bit more meaningful by the time a hot issue that you care about actually comes along.

Contact a government relations professional or a lobbyist firm today for more information.