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Three Ways A Substance Abuse Professional Can Help You Make Your Business A Drug-Free Workplace

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Having a drug-free workplace is very important in a business where people's personal information is handled on a daily basis. Someone who is on drugs may attempt to steal someone's identity or credit card information in an attempt to get money to support their drug habit. If you want to maintain a drug-free workplace, you need to hire a substance abuse professional to help you with the process. The guide below walks you through a few ways the substance abuse professional can help you maintain a drug-free workplace.

Conduct Random Drug Tests

A substance abuse professional will be able to conduct random drug tests of your employees for you to determine if anyone has used drugs recently. By having an outside party conduct the drug tests for you, there can be no claims of biases taking place. You can also rest assured that the drug tests are done properly so that no one is accused of drug use who does not do them. He or she will provide you with documented evidence of the findings so that you can have them readily available if someone claims that they do not do drugs.

Create Restrictions Regarding Drug Use in the Workplace

The substance abuse professional can help you establish a policy for the workplace that restricts drugs, paraphernalia, or the use of drugs from your company property. The policy will be created in writing so that each employee can sign a contract agreeing to the stipulations drawn out in the policy. This will serve as proof that everyone was informed that drug use is not tolerated at your company. Within the policy, it will indicate what the consequences are for having drugs on your person or in your belongings on company property, for doing drugs on the property, or for failing a drug test when it is given. This ensures no one is surprised when they are held accountable for their drug use if it occurs.

Serve as a Safe Reporting Source for Your Employees  

Finally, the professional can serve as a safe reporting source for employees who are afraid to turn someone in for doing drugs. Employees can talk to the professional without anyone knowing that they are talking to them and help the company to be as drug-free as it can be. Many people do not report drug use in the workplace because they are afraid it will come back to negatively affect their future in the business if they do.

Taking the time to make your workplace a drug-free zone is important. You want your clients to know that their valuable information is as safe as it can be at all times and having a drug-free workplace is a great way to do that. For more information, talk to a professional like Rick Williams Substance Abuse Professional.