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FAQs About Hosting A Telephone Town Hall

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Telephone town halls offer government leaders an opportunity to interact with their constituents and collect useful information that can be used to identify issues that are important to them. It is also offers constituents an easy and effective method of having their voices heard. If you are planning to host a telephone town hall, here is what you need to know.

How Do You Plan a Telephone Town Hall?

Hosting a telephone town hall is simpler than you would expect. The better you plan for the event, the smoother it will go. After you have selected the date and time for the town hall, you need to determine what the topics and agenda will be.

In addition to these considerations, you also need to determine who will serve as screeners. Screeners are crucial to the success of the town hall. They are responsible for weeding through the constituents calling into your event to identify those with sound questions that can be asked of you. The questions are then put in front of the moderator for you to answer.

The number of screeners you should have for your event depends on the number of callers you expect. You want to ensure that you have enough people on hand to can handle the influx of callers asking questions. At the minimum, three or four screeners can help ensure that your constituents are heard.

How Can You Alert Constituents of the Town Hall?

Outside of the usual advertising methods, such as radio and newspaper ads, you need to find other ways to ensure that your constituents are aware of the upcoming telephone town halls. Without enough participants, you might not gain the information you are hoping to collect.

One method is to turn to the people who have signed up to your campaign website. Sending an email blast to them with an alert of the upcoming event is a way to notify supporters and constituents.

Social media networking is also an effective way to increase participation. Since a large number of your constituents most likely has an account with one of the popular social networking sites, you can reach out to them there. In addition to posting the information about the town hall on your own accounts, consider taking out targeted ads through the sites to reach even more people.

Telephone town halls can be effective with the right planning. Consult with a tele-town hall service to learn more about planning and outreach to your constituents.